1. Be in a good place

And by this I mean don’t trip if you’re depressed, not in a good mood, experiencing some type of loss, have anxiety, have mental illnesses that run in the family or basically anything bad happen to you during that day or the past week or whatever.  When you trip, you want to go into it in a happy mood and with an open mind.  Try not be too anxious or nervous…it’s ok if you feel that way but don’t let it become your main emotions.

2. Never trip alone but with friends/trusted people

Being by yourself and hallucinating like shit while having deep thoughts race into your head sounds a bit scary right?  It probably is! Anything can happen when you trip, and it’s crucial that you have others with you to help you out if you start panicking or getting into trouble. Specifically, people that you like to hang around and those you can trust.  Because when you cross over, the people around you will greatly influence your experience, and if you don’t like someone or don’t feel safe around them, your trip will quickly turn sour.  Definitely have someone SOBER babysit you guys. This person is important too and has to have a good amount of patience, since they’re dealing with a bunch of crazies (jk haha).  But yeah I remember my sitter was the only thing keeping me sane the first time, because I thought he was my only real connection to reality and if I lost him, I would be lost myself.  Also, I highly recommend tripping with your significant other…it is quite magical 🙂    

3. Start off with small doses

Man, I wish I knew this one before I took an eighth of shrooms. Now, that’s usually a typical dose but I’m a pretty small person and I ate them on an empty stomach. Needless to say, I took too much because it was way too overwhelming.  Too overwhelming that I couldn’t fully enjoy my trip.  It’s just safer to start off small…if you need more, then just eat more! Also, be aware that it can take up to an hour to kick in…so don’t go thinking it’s not enough after like 15 minutes or something. Trust.

4. Setting is key

I cannot stress this enough! Where you trip will always influence how your trip will turn out.  In a dark, dim-lit room..things will feel a little down and gloomy.  But outside in the warm sunshine…now that makes for a joyful atmosphere!  I love tripping outside in nature, not only because it looks amazing with indescribably gorgeous colors but also because you feel “one” with it, which is a very nice feeling 🙂 Sometimes, tripping inside is fun too. It really all depends on the person and the mood. I don’t like to be inside most of the time, so I always tend to venture outside anyway!  Also, some really chill tunes is recommended.  Sounds will echo and distort.  I like to listen to Passion Pit, MGMT, Phoenix, anything Indie really.  Interestingly, Pink Floyd and the Beatles sound creepy when I’m tripping :O

5. Always remember that you are under the influence of a drug and that everything will be back to normal in a few hours

Pretty self-explanatory! Have a strong mind going in and you’ll be okay 🙂 What really helped me was having some type of totem to hold on to during the trip. Mine was a water bottle.  It calmed me down a lot.

6. Have fun!

You’ll have a great time! Take from the trip as much as you can, then discuss it with the others.  Every person’s experience is different and it’s nice to reflect on what happened, what you felt, what you saw, etc.  It’s a spiritual awakening, it really is!

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