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6 Ways Mushrooms Can Save the World


This is definitely worth your time to listen to and it gives amazing insight on the benefits of working with mushrooms.  Here are some highlights about mushrooms:

  • Produce strong antibiotics
  • Rot is essential for nutrients in forest (mycelium goes underground)
  • Mycelium inhales oxygen like we do
  • Mycelium is earth’s natural internet (highly branched)
  • Fungi one of the first organisms to come to land
    • Produces oxalic acids = makes rocks crumble to make soil
  • Fungi do not need light: uses radiation as source of energy
  • Largest organism in the world: mycelia wall
  • Ways mushrooms can be used to save the world
    • Habitat restoration
    • Active against flu viruses and pox
    • Energy called “Econol” made by the breakdown of cellulose to fungal sugars

Shame On Me


Hello everybody!

Sorry for being absent for so long and slacking on the posting. I have been pretty busy getting my life started and going through obstacles, but now it has calmed down a lot and I am ready to continue my passion. So much research has happened in the past couple of months, which means more progress and more to learn! Stay tuned. Oh and happy holidays!