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How to ReInduce DMT Mystical Experiences

How to ReInduce DMT Mystical Experiences

Who says you need the DMT drug to get to that higher state of consciousness?

Saint Harriet Equation

Disclaimer: Mystical experiences are not to be taken lightly. These are not recreational indulgences. A previously established serious meditative practice will render the below suggestions most effective. 

The reason why this system works is because the naturally occurring DMT chemical, popularly believed to be manufactured within our pineal gland (or third eye), is at its greatest levels of concentration during sleep. By interrupting the sleep cycle during its height, we are capitalizing on this natural abundance of the spirit molecule. Additionally, many ancient cultures and indigenous people maintain the belief that the veil between this world and the spirit world is at its thinnest between the hours of 3am-4am.

This method of meditation will be most effective for those who consistently practice detachment and mindfulness in their daily lives, have instituted a daily practice of meditation, and last but not least, have had a mystical experience before. I cannot emphasize more…

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