Breakthrough DMT Experience

Breakthrough DMT Experience

A very detailed DMT trip to read about, visually and textually! He even splits up his experience by the amount of time each stage took.

This was not a “fun” psychedelic experience – not a dreamy trip to heaven, lol. Yet it was definitely medicinal & instructional in many ways. I learned quite a few things about myself in the space of just a few moments or even seconds.

 WAY WAY WAY  beyond what I’ve ever been thru on large amounts of LSD or mushrooms. It happens so quickly that you have very little time to adjust, and once you approach hyperspace, things are happening so fast that it’s very difficult to resist ‘giving in’ to your own amazement. A-maze-ment puts you back into a maze of intellectual & logical comparisons. Once you try this game you instantly loose, because there are NO logical comparisons, no references to this weirdness and no impossibilities.

Highly recommended to read so go check it out!

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  1. That article was amazing. He even created artwork to accompany his description! I’m glad because I never would have been able to imagine those things based off words alone. When was the first time that you did DMT?


    • Seriously! I really appreciated the visual descriptions too and his layout made his story easy to understand. I’ve actually never done DMT! That’s why I love reading these kinds of stories to somewhat prepare for it. They’re also pretty entertaining 🙂

      Also I don’t think I’m ready to get to this higher consciousness just yet. I’m just going to stick with my shrooms and acid for now. Eventually partake in an ayahuasca ceremony too!

      Are you thinking of trying DMT?


      • Yeah, I totally know what you mean. Trying to navigate this level of consciousness is enough work for me sometimes lol

        I have a few friends who have tried and their stories about the experience are always a bit out there but the energy that they have when they speak about it is what really intrigues me. People tend to be genuinely blown away and they always say that words alone will never do the experience justice.

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